About StrataSys, Inc.

Rapid Prototyping (RAPID PROTOTYPING hereinafter referred to as RP) technology is developed to a high nineties. Since 1988 the first since the advent of commodity molding machine, RP manufacturing enterprises in developed countries, new product development activities in the United States but Minnesota, Minneapolis Stratasys company, is the second largest rapid prototyping system manufacturers. The company made melt extrusion-type process (FDMR) patent can use ABS plastic, Polycarbonate (PC), PPSF or other materials from a 3D CAD Drawing (such as Solid Edge, UGNX, etc.) to directly construct a solid model. Stratasys provides rapid prototyping systems for the aerospace industry, automobile industry, defense industry, consumer products industry and medical products industry OEM manufacturers.

Order Processing

The company is using the United States Stratasys machine produced by the company.
RP can be used can be used for: product development, medical engineering, development die before recognized...etc.
Model Max Size:203mm x 203mm x 305mm
Price:In order to create time to calculate the price (in Drawing Assessment)
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